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The Green Revolution

A False Promise

by Walt Davis and Tony Winslett

The Green Revolution Delusion is a portrayal of some of the real and very disturbing problems of modern agriculture. Damage is being done to farm families, to the environment and to human health.

Fiction is used as the vehicle for putting forth this information in the hope that an enjoyable reading experience will bring useful knowledge to a wider audience. 

The book is not a doom and disaster tirade but rather an attempt to explain why the conventional wisdom – that we must adopt all of the current toxic technology: the confined animal feeding operations, the genetically modified organisms and the chemical fertilizers and pesticides in order for agriculture to be profitable and productive – is simply wrong.

It is not a technical dissertation but it presents, without a lot of jargon, some of the scientific and economic reasons that industrial agriculture is neither sustainable nor profitable in the long term.

The book is not a how to manual but rather it tries to at least partially explain, in a non-technical manner, the functioning of the ecological processes that control the natural world and how these processes can be used to create agriculture that is financially, ecologically and sociologically sound.

It also provides a look at proven alternatives to some of the most damaging technology and gives examples of how these alternative methods can be applied in a practical manner.

I Did Not Set it Down...

I picked up the book “The Green Revolution Delusion” and did not set it down until I had read it in its entirety, it was that compelling!  The story of the history of production agriculture in the USA as told by the characters in this book bring to light the fact that the industrial agriculture model being touted and used in this country is not working.  It truly is a model of “False Promise”.  As a producer who once believed in the industrial model and who came to realize the fallacy of it, I can tell you this book brings it all to life.  It is a story that will make everyone think every time they sit down for a meal!

Gabe Brown
Rancher, Regenerative Land Manager
Bismarck, ND