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A Grazing Management Primer

Grazing management is the science and art of manipulating grazing animals and the pasture land upon which they feed. The effects of grazing management on both land and animals will be good or bad depending on the knowledge and skill of the manager. Read more

Grazing for Gain

While we are always interested in seeing our stock do well, management will vary depending upon what we are trying to accomplish at any given time. Read more

Grass Finished Meat

Prior to about 1950, the vast majority of beef consumed in the U.S. was not grain fed. A certain amount of grain-finished beef was produced by farmer feeders for the hotel trade but this was not a significant portion of the total beef production. Most of the beef supply came from milk fat calves slaughtered at weaning and from fat young cows that had not calved. Read more


The Rules of Hard Times Economics

Expenses always rise to meet level of disposable income. Read more

How to go Broke Ranching without Hardly Trying

There have been how-to books on lots of different subjects lately and I thought that it might be nice to help those people who get up every morning and wonder what can I do today to lose money in the ranching business. Read more


Tricks of the Trade

The first job of the grazier is to make his animals as happy as possible.

Remember that livestock, cattle, sheep, goats, and deer are herd animals and most comfortable when they are members of a structured herd. Read more