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The Great Wild Mare Race

      As he enjoyed – soon as the coughing stopped – his first smoke of the day, Mac thought that all in all he was lucky that he wasn’t broke up worse than he was or even dead. He had been in some serious wrecks over the years, most of them coming before he and his running buddy Windy Barton got old enough to have a little sense. Cowboying is not the world’s most genteel profession so they had both acquired the normal amount of broken bones, rope burns and mesquite thorn punctures in their everyday activities but looking back it was their recreation time that did a lot of the damage. Like the time that they got enough beer in them at a rodeo in Pecos to make entering the wild mare race seem like a good idea. The way it worked, they turned eight wild mares out of the bucking chutes at the same time and two man teams were to catch a mare, get a surcingle on her and have one team member ride her across the finish line at the other end of the arena. They planned it out that Mac would rope the mare and Windy would help him get her stopped so Mac could go up the rope and ear her down.

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The Green Revolution Delusion - North Central Mexico

Antonio had not deserted the ways of his father but the new methods still affected him and his family; the pollen from the hybrid corn blew into his field and contaminated his corn. His corn began to show the same problems that devastated the new corn and the price of corn fell so low that Antonio knew that he too would soon have to give up the land he loved and find other ways to feed his family.

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